Fly through the ceiling

From Glitches

From the game Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire for the Nintendo 64.

Activate the Shadows of the Empire debug mode.

In the debug menu, turn your gravity down and your jumping power up. In some levels, you will be able to jump through the ceiling and look at the world from a rather unique view. This can happen in the second level, the Galla Cliff Base, and a bunch of others. It's also fun to jump up in the train level and look at the place. It's normally easiest if you immediately hit the jump button many times at the beginning of the level, without moving. You can then float around and explore the place and you can use "get all items" to get the jetpack to go around some more. One problem is that you will often fall and die when you come back down, unless you turn on the jetpack and guide yourself to land. You can even sometimes get stuck in the ceilings of rooms using this glitch.

Submitted by: kornyhatemachine

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